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Magnesium Citrate Gummies (60 Count) 70 MG Gluten Free and Dairy Free


Unlock the Power of Magnesium with VitaliNatura Essentials™ Magnesium Gummies

Discover the delicious and convenient way to experience the power of magnesium with VitaliNatura Essentials™ Magnesium Gummies. Designed to support your overall well-being, each serving of these gummies delivers 70 mg of magnesium citrate.

Essential Mineral for Vital Functions

MAGNESIUM, an essential mineral, plays a pivotal role in various bodily functions. From promoting bone health,  HEALTHY MUSCLE function to aiding energy production and inducing relaxation, magnesium is crucial for your vitality.


Catering to Dietary Preferences

These GUMMIES cater to diverse dietary preferences and restrictions. They are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those seeking gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO options. Elevate your health and embrace the benefits of magnesium with VitaliNatura Essentials™ Magnesium Gummies.


Promote Healthy Muscle Function

Magnesium is key to supporting HEALTHY MUSCLE function, contributing to optimal physical performance and aiding in post-exercise recovery.

Essential Magnesium Citrate

Each serving of these gummies provides 70 mg of magnesium citrate, ensuring you receive this essential mineral in a highly absorbable form.

Enhance Relaxation and Calm

MAGNESIUM is renowned for its ability to promote relaxation and a sense of calm, supporting mental and emotional well-being.


Made in the USA in an FDA Registered Facility and GMP Certified

VitaliNatura Essentials™ Magnesium Gummies are PROUDLY MADE in the USA within an FDA registered facility and a GMP certified environment.

Boost Energy Production

VitaliNatura Essentials™ Magnesium Gummies may contribute to energy production, helping combat fatigue and maintaining vitality throughout the day.

Suitable for Dietary Choices

These gummies are both vegetarian and vegan-friendly, providing a convenient way to supplement your magnesium intake while staying true to your dietary choices.

Dietary Restriction Friendly

With their GLUTEN-FREE and DAIRY-FREE composition, these gummies are perfect for individuals with specific dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

High-Quality and Non-GMO

REST ASSURED that these gummies are crafted using non-GMO ingredients, ensuring you receive a natural and high-quality magnesium supplement.

Elevate Your Well-Being

ELEVATE your overall well-being and support your body's functions with the power of magnesium encapsulated in these delicious and NUTRITIOUS GUMMIES. Embrace a balanced lifestyle through the benefits of magnesium.

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