Must have gadgets for menopause

Surviving Menopause: 8 Must-Have Gadgets for the Journey

21 de September, 2023Julieta A

 If you're like me and going through menopause, you know it can be a rollercoaster ride of symptoms, from hot flashes to mood swings. But fear not, because there's a world of gadgets out there designed to help you sail through this transition with ease. In this listicle, we're diving into eight essential gadgets that can make your menopausal journey smoother than ever.

1. Cool as a Cucumber: Cooling Devices

First up, let's tackle those infamous hot flashes. Cooling devices, like portable fans and cooling gel pads, are a lifesaver. These gadgets keep you feeling fresh when the heat strikes. Slip a discreet pad under your clothes, and you'll be cool and collected in no time.

You can find them at all price point on Amazon.  From the less expensive ones such as this cooling neck fan for $29.99 

Neck fanto the pricier version at $149 


2. Sweet Dreams: Sleep Aids

Menopause can turn even the best sleepers into insomniacs. Sleep aids, such as white noise machines, sleep trackers, and

smart mattresses, are here to help. They'll track your sleep patterns and create a serene environment, making those restless nights a thing of the past.

 White Noise Machine.    Smart Matress

3. Meno-Mate Apps

Who doesn't love a good app these days? Menopause apps are your virtual companions during this journey. They offer symptom tracking, advice, and information tailored to your needs. They're like having a personal Meno-Mate right in your pocket. I personally use Health & Her Menopause and recommend it if you want to keep yourself on track with your symptoms

4. Wear Your Health: Health Trackers

Your health matters more than ever during menopause. Wearable health trackers, like fitness bands and smartwatches, are your go-to gadgets. They monitor your heart rate, physical activity, and sleep quality, helping you stay on top of your well-being. I am partial to Fitbits since I have been using it for years already.

Fitbit Wearable

5. Spice Things Up: Vibrators and Lubricants

Menopause can bring some changes to the bedroom, but don't fret! Personal massagers and high-quality lubricants can rekindle the flame. These gadgets are discreet and designed for your comfort and pleasure.

6. Hormone Heroes: Hormone Therapy Delivery Devices

For some women, hormone therapy is a game-changer for managing menopausal symptoms. There are various delivery devices available, such as patches, creams, and hormone-releasing implants. These gadgets ensure you get the right dose at the right time.

Hormone therapy patchesHormone Therapy Creams

7. Stress-Busters: Stress Reduction Gadgets

Stress and menopause sometimes go hand in hand. Luckily, there are gadgets to help you stay zen. Mindfulness apps, meditation aids, and biofeedback devices can guide you toward relaxation and mental peace.

Biofeedback Devices

8. Fit & Fabulous: Fitness and Exercise Equipment

Staying active is vital during menopause, and fitness gadgets are your trusty companions. Home exercise equipment, workout apps, and fitness wearables will keep you motivated and on track to maintain your health and vitality.

Fitness Gadgets

So, there you have it - eight must-have gadgets to make your menopausal journey more manageable. Whether you're battling hot flashes, seeking better sleep, or just looking for ways to stay healthy and relaxed, these gadgets have got your back. Embrace this new phase of life with confidence and a few clever gadgets by your side!


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